Our Bridge 'drop in' Centre is open daily for the Armed Forces Community - Veterans, service leavers, ex-serving personnel, widows, dependants, reservists and their families


Bridge Activities

The Bridge for Heroes offers a range of activities based at or from our Bridge 'drop-in' Centre. All of our activities, meals and drinks are delivered free of charge.

Bridge Activities

52a South Clough Lane

King's Lynn

PE30 1SE


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We have a fully equipped art space with lots of natural light, where novices and skilled beneficiaries alike can let their creativity flow. Dave, our resident Art Tutor, leads the session on a Tuesday, teaching different styles using a range of mediums to suit all abilities

We have an active group of 'yarn enthusiasts' who meet on a Tuesday morning at the Bridge Centre. Whether you're a knitter or a crocheter, experienced or beginner, you are welcome to join in. The group produce a variety of items, from blankets to soldier keyrings, some of which we are able to donate to other causes.

Woodwork takes place at the King's Lynn 'Men's Shed' Thursday between 10am and 12pm.  There is the opportunity to build items of your own design or learn new skills with our 'handyman' Jon, using hand tools to create set pieces.

Bowling takes place at 'Strikes', the local King's Lynn Bowling Alley, when numbers allow.  Sessions are delivered free of charge to beneficiaries. Ask staff when the next session will be.

Are you interested in cycling but have not got on an upright bike in years or have balance issues? Don't worry, we have recumbant arm and leg tricycles, an upright hand tricycle and even a conventional tricycle that you can use. We also have two upright bikes that an be borrowed for those without a bike. There literally is something for everyone!

Dog Therapy starts at the Bridge Centre every Thursday 10am with Trooper the Golden Fox Labrador and his owner Cat Ringer,. From there those who wish can take a walk in the nearby park - 'The Walks'. Trooper is extremely friendly and loves his cuddles and many beneficiaries find it extremely relaxing and therapeutic to be around him.

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The Fishing Group meet every Friday (weather permitting) at Blissful Lakes Wisbech, where Mrs Bliss has kindly allowed The Bridge for Heroes beneficiaries to fish for free. All that is required is a rod license as fishing equipment (if you do not have your own) is provided for free, as is the bait. The lake is very well stocked and it is rare not to catch a decent sized common or mirror carp.

The Photography Group meet on a Monday afternoon to share tips and knowledge on how to capture the best image possible using light and shadow to best effect.  Sessions can be in or out doors depending on the weather and time of year and the images are displayed first on  a 55" HD TV screen before being printed for all to admire.


We have full kitchen facilities at our Bridge Centre and staff and volunteers are available to help beneficiaries who wish to learn more about cooking or who want to assist with meals. Staff and Volunteers working in the kitchen complete a minimum of Level 2 Food Hygiene training. As part of our outreach programme, instruction and guidance can be offered at a beneficiary's home.

The Bridge Centre has adopted a small piece of waste land in front of the building and a team of our dedicated volunteers have turned it into an amazing garden, even being recognised by the 'Anglia in Bloom' Award. We also have a small courtyard with potted plants and shrubs that require regular upkeep. If you love gardening, why not join the group and give them a hand?

Many of our beneficiaries walk to help with their general mental health or simply for fresh-air and fitness.  Walks can be undertaken indiviually or as a group or even as an orgainsed party such as the historoical tour of King's Lynn.  Walking has proven benefits and is a great way to stay fit and to keep that weight off!



The Bridge for Heroes
52a South Clough Lane
King’s Lynn
PE30 1SE


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