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Edwina the Seagull- Heroine of the Bridge


Nestled on the roof of The Bridge for Heroes, this month, an extraordinary event has taken place.

Edwina the Seagull, a local celebrity amongst The Bridge staff known for her impressive nest-building skills and impeccable feather grooming, has welcomed two new baby chicks into the world... And let me tell you, these aren’t just any chicks—they are the most pampered, weather-hardened, and adorable seagull babies you’ve ever seen!

Edwina, with her sharp beak and even sharper wit, chose the roof of the Bridge for Heroes as the perfect spot for her

nest. After all, what better place for a heroine than a place dedicated to heroes?

For weeks, she endured the trials and tribulations that only a rooftop in our unpredictable England weather could offer. Rain, shine, thunder and even a surprise hailstorm—Edwina braved it all with great determination.

When the winds howled and the rain poured, Edwina was there, wings spread wide to shield her precious eggs. The Bridge staff often spotted her looking like a determined, feathered umbrella, glaring defiantly at the sky as if to say, "Is that all you've got?" Her commitment to her chicks was nothing short of legendary. On particularly blustery days, Edwina could be seen holding down the fort—literally—using her beak to secure stray twigs and feathers that threatened to blow away.

And then, one sunny morning, the miraculous happened... Two tiny beaks broke through their shells. The chicks, named Pip and Squeak, were greeted by Edwina’s coos of encouragement and a breakfast of fresh fish, locally sourced from the delights of The Wash.

Edwina’s story isn’t just about a seagull and her chicks. It’s a tale of resilience, community, and the extraordinary lengths a mother will go to protect her young. For now, Edwina remains focused on her chicks, teaching them to fly, fish, and most importantly, how to glare at anyone who dares come too close to their rooftop haven. Because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s never to underestimate a seagull—especially not one as fierce and fabulous as Edwina.

So, next time you walk into the Garden at the Bridge for Heroes, look up and give a little salute to Edwina. She’s not just a seagull; she’s a rooftop warrior, a feathered protector, and the proud mother of two of the cutest chicks you’ll ever see!



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