Just a game of Chess...?

Our young volunteer, Jacob, has embarked on a remarkable journey at the Bridge for Heroes, making a significant impact on the daily lives of some of our beneficiaries. He shares his chess skills and knowledge of other board games with beneficiaries at our Drop-In centre, providing mental stimulation, social engagement and friendship.

This initiative is not just a pastime for Jacob; he is participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) scheme. The scheme is an internationally recognized program for young people, encouraging participants to develop skills, engage in physical activities, and contribute to their communities.

As part of his DofE Award, Jacob is required to complete a form of meaningful voluntary service. Luckily for us, he chose to contribute his time and skills to The Bridge for Heroes, demonstrating a clear commitment to the community. His thoughtful approach to volunteering has seen him focus on engaging beneficiaries through chess and other games, highlighting the importance of mental well-being through social engagement and interaction.

The games and activities he has chosen are engaging, require concentration and offer a fresh opportunity to learn. The friendly competition is a refreshing and welcome escape from the rigours of daily life!

Chess, a game known for its strategic depth and intellectual stimulation, has proven to be a valuable activity for beneficiaries at The Bridge for Heroes. Jacob's youthful presence brings a sense of companionship and friendly competition, creating an environment that goes beyond the game-board. The mental engagement required by chess aligns perfectly with the charity's commitment to supporting the well-being of its beneficiaries.

Jacob has been able to introduce a variety of games, catering to different interests and preferences. From a classic board game to a strategic challenge, Jacob's engaging approach ensures that every individual finds connection through the activities. The impact of his volunteer work extends beyond the game play. His dedication helps forge connections, break down barriers, and create an inclusive space where our beneficiaries feel seen and valued.

Jacob’s choice to volunteer at The Bridge for Heroes showcases his dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Thank you, Jacob!




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