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The bridge for heroes
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The Bridge for Heroes won second prize in the Norfolk Day Celebration photo competition. 

Entered into the Norfolk Community Foundation’s photo competition.

They said, "I’m delighted to let you know that the Bridge for Heroes’ image has been awarded second place – many congratulations!"

Teas and coffees are always on offer at the Bridge Centre with biscuits or sometimes cake, as well as a variety of fruit depending on the season.
During the winter months’ hot lunch time meals continue to be served by Sharon and her team including a variety of soups, savoury snacks, pizzas, pies and pastries, shepherd’s pie and meat platter! On a monthly basis a Saturday Veteran’s English breakfasts are provided – eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, beans, tomatoes – the works!
If you are eating at the Bridge, please make us aware of any allergies or intolerances you may have.

Shipdham Knitters raised £226.15 for The Bridge for Heroes. The money came from a craft stall and Christmas Tree Festival which were both held at All Saints Church in 2018. One of the knitting groups husband, Mr Sykes built a wooden bridge for displaying their knitted artefacts at their fundraising event. He decided to copy the bridge for Heroes logo design and made an amazing 3D wooden bridge. After the event members of the Shipdham Knitters decided to offer the bridge to the Charity instead of putting it away in a cupboard. Two members of Shipdham Knitters visited the Bridge Centre where they donated the bridge and money to Sharon and Mike. We are currently using the bridge to display some of our knitted dolls, but have a few other ideas of how to use it over the year.

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