“Today I am a very different man from the one who first visited the charity’s Contact Centre. I was an angry, resentful, intolerant, opinionated old man who was not nice to know and definitely not nice to be with. The Centre’s safe and comfortable atmosphere, and more importantly its caring people, have had enormous positive effects on my personality and wellbeing. I now have friends that I can trust and I truly believe they can trust me in return. I like to think that I am now a useful member of society and a much more pleasant individual.”


John faced a bleak New Year. A local, young, ex-serviceman had seen his relationship break down, leading to homelessness and unemployment and separation from his young daughter. His world crashed around him. Struggling to cope, John came to The Bridge for Heroes to help him get his life on track again. Thanks to donations from the public, we were able to find John temporary accommodation. Within a few weeks he found employment.

Today, John is looking forward to having his daughter stay with him. John needed someone in his corner. We renewed his confidence and gave him hope by providing the right support in the right way at the right time. We will never turn anyone away. In the last year alone, we have helped thousands of people just like John. It costs just £18 per person to provide a respite session and access to our vital services.